Memory Artefact – Process and Development [FOR ASSESSMENT]

For this artefact and with no obstructions in mind I decided to let myself be as creative as possible by brainstorming ideas; memory loss/change or bad memories could be a basis for a potential short film which will likely to be a drama.

A man is within the last few seconds of his life before his gruesome mob-related execution. He witnesses a flashback that symbolises his whole life. The idea explores the belief that, before death, you see the best moment (or all moments in a symbolic scene) of your life flash by instantaneously.

A man is just about to execute a stranger (who’s on his knees, bag over head, and tied up). The man is having second thoughts about doing it, twitches and slowly draws down his gun. The film shows flashback of him as a kid being a victim of abuse. He starts overcoming his second thoughts after the flashbacks get more disturbing. Finally, he shoots the stranger and sighs heavily with relief. The short film will explore how powerful memories can be to influence someone to do horrible things.

I came across (thanks to a friend studying psychology) a very interesting and fascinating memory condition called prosopagnosia (face blindness). It seemed very straight forward to understand so below are some more ideas based on the subject.

A woman finishes work and as she sets off home sees a mysterious man outside her workplace looking suspiciously at her. She hurries along but starts thinking she is getting stalked as the man is constantly following her. The man finally confronts her and explains that he is her husband just trying to give her a lift home. It turns out that the woman suffers from prosopagnosia – the inability to remember faces.

Film starts with a friendly conversation with two friends in a pub/cafe – guy #1 tells his friend that he caught his girlfriend cheating and beat up the guy she was sleeping with – all whilst guy #2’s left side of the face is not shown. The audience is then shown a flashback of the scene where guy #1 catches guy #2 cheating with his girlfriend and beating him up – guy #2 is semi-naked so is not recognised by guy #1. Guy #2 consoles his friend and the camera switches angles to show the right side of his face with a black eye, guy #1 then asks what happened to guy #2’s face. The credits then explain the condition of prosopagnosia – face blindness, the inability to remember faces.

Not fully content with these ideas, I decided that more research would enable me to come up with a better, less flawed and more accurate scenario.


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