Power Artefact – Analysis

My power artefact is based on the power of being anonymous presented from the perspective of an internet troll. I believe that it is the anonymity that gives trolls the power to do what they do online; having their identities hidden grants them a greater amount of confidence to do so. Ideally I want to focus on one character (the troll) by showing the audience what he does and why whilst drawing upon inspiration from the media. Below is a potential shot list idea for the production of my artefact.  Since the artefact will be split into two screens each column will represent part of the screen.


Troll – the power of being anonymous over the internet


Real Life


Troll over the internet
Walking down the street, alone, head down with a complete and total lack of confidence


Troll sitting in front of the computer wearing a troll mask – camera pans towards the screen – screen with 4 windows open – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google +


He sees a couple walking down the street – troll instantly feels jealous and angry


He finds the couple online via Facebook and tells them that they look crap as a couple and should stop seeing each other, also tells the boyfriend that he cheated with his girlfriend


The troll’s only ‘friends’ rip him and make fun of him


The troll sets up a forum or group that aims to help bully victims but instead has the intention of making fun of them


At work, his employer shouts at him for ‘being useless’ and ‘less performing’ than any other worker


Troll photoshops his employer’s picture to make him look humorous with the intention of defaming him and uploads it
A group of people walk past the troll and intimidate him by shoving him off the road


The troll finds  a video on YouTube and posts a ‘death threat’ video response -> death_threat.mp4


The troll’s parents shout at him for being useless and that he should move out of the house


The troll mocks a tribute page of a recently deceased young person
The troll plays a game of football and gets tackled and destroyed throughout parts of the game


He sends a very offensive message to a footballer on Twitter saying that he sucks,  his football skills are terrible and that his family are not proud of him



My research demonstrated that trolls themselves had been affected by some kind of abuse or pressure in real life with little or no way of dealing with it. Similarly my character will be faced with light abuse and consequently troll online due to having a sense of power.


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