Power Artefact – Conclusion

The artefact could have taken a different approach and focused on a different aspect of trolling, for example: how easy it is to send an offensive anonymous message and the amount of damage it is capable of doing. Another potential flaw is that people who troll are all different; some do it just for the hell of it or do it for the enjoyment of watching others suffer.  Whilst others might do it as a form of revenge because they are powerless to do it outside of the virtual world that is the internet. I do wonder if I made my trolling side of the artefact a little bit too amusing to the audience (because they did laugh at some points) and whether this was side-tracking the audience from the real meaning. Have I shown power in my artefact? I was worried about the answer. By showing the troll being powerless in real life because he was either bulled or taken advantage of by others made him seem much more powerful when he was in a trolling state at his computer – but would the audience know that is was the same person? Hence what anonymity was about – the fact that the trolls face was hidden behind a mask (the troll face mask ironically) demonstrated that he could be anyone to do whatever he wanted. On a technical note the artefact was the first time I had shot anything on a DSLR and with split screen in mind. Overall I think it was a good piece, but difficult to pull off; many people do not know why trolls abuse others and my piece shows a potential reason for why, they are sometimes victims themselves. Additionally most internet trolls do not get discovered because they are much more careful, but when they are caught one can see the damage they are capable of.


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