Power Artefact – Evaluation and Reflection

The shot list was simple, easy to follow and due to the potential offense that could be caused by trolling I chose to imply that trolling had occurred. With this in mind, no trolling occurred during the making of my artefact, even though it appeared that it might have (just carefully edited and manipulated).

Some acts of trolling had to be changed however, for example creating a forum or board specifically designed to troll people was deemed too offensive and trolling a couple would be difficult to portray as there are would be more than one victim.

The biggest piece of feedback I received from the group seminar sessions was that the audience would focus solely on one side of the screen – the side where the troll was posting abusive messages. From start to finish the left side demonstrated the troll in real life, and right side demonstrated him trolling on a variety of social networking sites. The trolling sequences were somewhat amusing and interesting, and due to the nature of my camera work the audience would need to focus a great deal on the screen to see what was going on. This was intentional to demonstrate the furious, ruthless and unending nature of the troll. To combat the issue from rough cut to final cut: I kept switching the left and right parts of the artefact after the very first troll. This somewhat confused the audience at first but worked better for two reasons: the viewer would get a glimpse of the troll in real life before switching focus to him trolling over the internet. Secondly, since the audience was left to deduce the fact that the troll is doing the actions on both sides of the screen, the switching gave the audience more of a clue that they are the same person demonstrating that whilst you are anonymous, you can be anyone.

My biggest challenge was to get the split screen working in unison, otherwise it would be just two random videos placed next together with no effect. The fact they were both contrasting in the sense that one was in the digital world and the other in the real world, yet both abuse made it comparable.

The message at the end ‘Do not feed the troll’ was a last minute thought, but I believe that it has as very strong message when understood. It means that no matter how someone insults you online – ignore it, a troll feeds on your reaction and anger. By responding to an insult you are merely making the troll succeed. Finding a free music track was easier than I thought thanks to the creative commons section on Soundcloud – a fast paced track matched the quick pace of the artefact and gave it more depth with its technological/robotic feel. It was only easy because my artefact only required one good track, maybe not so much if I needed multiple.


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