Power Artefact – Process and Development

Establishing an idea for a power artefact has been rather challenging due to the immense broadness of the term. However, the artefact must feature split screen or compositing which allows one to think more specifically. For me, split screen means showing two things to the audience at once efficiently. So I could look at opposites, different meanings or viewpoints to a specific thing or action or a fancy artistic way of presenting footage.

I have come up with three potential artefact ideas that revolve around different concepts of ‘power’:

The power a drug dealer has over his addicts and the power drug addicts give to him. For example, the dealer relies on the addict for a constant supply of money and the drug addict relies on the dealer for his constant source of addiction. One party needs the other, and vice versa to be able to function. Left – the drug dealer counting his money, his contacts, his expensive lifestyle; right – the addict scavenging for cash, in his trash surroundings. The exchange itself when both parties meet merges together in the power artefact and then splits again when the addict walks off and administers the drug and the dealer counts the cash.

The power of being anonymous over the Internet, presented through the viewpoint of an online troll. It could show the power the troll has whilst using social network sites like Facebook/Twitter/YouTube and the immense confidence that he has whilst online. The fact that he does not need to show his face or reveal his identity gives him strength and power to do anything he wants on any website. On the other hand it could show him having almost no confidence in the real world and acting like a coward in various situations. Left – the troll posting offensive comments, right – being bullied himself in real life.

The universal symbol(s) of power and what they relate to. For example, the literal ‘power symbol’ (and its variations) used on almost all electronic devices and equipment. Maybe the use of the ‘high voltage’ symbol around electrical equipment and power stations, warning people of the danger of electricity or the universal nuclear power symbol. Left – the power symbol, right – what one button can achieve.

After much consideration I have decided to focus on the second idea. Internet trolls are being more and more common with the rise of social networking sites and internet forums, but what is their nature in doing so. I want to explore the concept of anonymity in a negative way – what one can achieve if his identity is hidden.  The first idea is a sound one, but it just seems cliché and unoriginal by the amount of publicity drugs get. Whilst the third idea is a good one, it is too simplistic in nature and does not really capture the essence of true ‘power’ for me.


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