Spectacle – Analysis

At some point in their lives everyone has rubbernecked – it is simple human nature to see what happened. It’s not normal to look at human suffering but a lot of people do. Since it is socially acceptable to become famous by being on a reality TV show (either by being a husband/wife/mum or performing something dumb) why can’t the rise to fame extend to gore sites and snuff films for psychopaths or even sociopaths – unfortunately this is what these type of people believe, and they would want to do anything to get money or fame for it as time has shown.

I wanted to make my artefact a ‘snuff’ style film because it was I wanted to play around with effects and reality. What would people’s reaction be?

John Wayne Gacy, Jr was an American serial killer who murdered around 33 teenage boys and men between 1972 and 1978. He was labelled as the ‘Killer Clown” due to his charitable services at fundraising events, parades and children’s parties where he would dress as “Pogo the Clown”, a character he created himself.

My serial killer has to be a spectacle of some kind, whether in his actions or his appearance. The latter is easier to do because I am not planning to go into a great deal of special effects to make sadistic rituals or satanic executions look real.  I would rather make the killer wear something special, something that will make him infamous – since my friend has a honey monster costume (a look-alike, not official) lying around which would make him stand out as “the cerial killer”. The honey monster was originally the mascot of sugar puffs hence the name cerial killer.

The whole thing would need to be shot in one whole take and edited to show the poor quality camerawork, constant skips and maybe even artefacts due to tape damage. The victim would be traditionally tied in a chair and probably taunted and executed shortly after. It will be part of an evidence tape (intro sequence stating the evidence tape message) to imply that it is somewhat real and maybe valuable to snuff film collectors.

False snuff films also exist, films that were genuinely mistaken for looking a bit too realistic: The Guinea Pig Films and Cannibal Holocaust.  The former was only mistaken because of the grainy and unsteady quality of the video as if it was recorded be amateurs – something that could influence my own snuff film (similar effects and colour). Funnily enough both parties of filmmakers had to prove that their films were not real.


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