Spectacle – Conclusion

I feel that exploring Jean Baudrillad’s theories surrounding images of violence and the comparing of reality TV shows to snuff films assisted me into creating a more specific idea. Debord’s theories also helped me to home in and fine tune my idea. Perhaps in the future if I am ever struggling with an idea or trying to establish a good point to expand on I can look at the theories and writings of various theorists and philosophers. It was also interesting to see people’s fascination of gore as well, since it is also a form of media no matter how disturbing it is. The artefact also enabled me to improve my editing skills as I worked hard to add in a variety of twitches and frame drops to symbolise roughly shot footage – if you’re killing someone you would probably focus less on video. Most of all I found the feedback from the class seminar very helpful, it enabled me to focus on what other improvements I could do – something I would simply not have thought of by myself. Looking back at my work I could have paid more attention to the rise of gore sites in parallel to the advances in the internet; possibly more video recorded violence and killing and established a link between them. All in all I think my artefact did well to demonstrate that serial killers can be seen as a spectacle, something that I had hoped to achieve.


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