Spectacle – Evaluation and Reflection [FOR ASSESSMENT]

The spectacle artefact was a little tricky to show to the class because I worried that the content may have been a little peculiar for some (even though it probably looked more fake than anything). My goal was to make the artefact look like a snuff film, as opposed to make it look beautiful. It had to be filmed in one long take so the acting had to be satisfactory throughout. Moreover various effects like noise, artefacts and colour correction were added in to give an effect of a legitimate, but crappy tape recording. I received an adequate amount of feedback which helped to improve the artefact a great deal more.

Originally I had a very deep drone as the ambient/background noise but it was too quiet to even notice, and feeling that it was not tense enough I found an even creepier track to put on. The idea was to make the audience feel as uncomfortable as possible; as one study had previously suggested that low frequency sounds induce fear or awe in the viewer. Whilst it was a requirement for me to use full diegetic audio, the added audio did sound like the sounds that would have been captured during the real recording. Perhaps the high pitched sound effect when the victims head is shown could replicate the killer’s ruthless screaming.

The ‘Ministry of Defence’ evidence tape-style start was actually influenced a lot by the start of Cloverfield (2008). The content in the title sequence had to suggest that whatever was in the artefact had to have happened not long ago – this was achieved in After Effects. Since I had some experience with the program it was not too difficult playing around with composition and animation.

The biggest suggestion I received was that the ending was.. well, there was no ending. It was too abrupt. Even though this was intentional – assuming that after something gruesome happens on an evidence tape (as you seen in the movies) the video player is usually paused when someone says something along the lines of ‘I’ve had enough’ – edited to an effect similar to a VHS being paused.  Whilst I thought this was pretty cool, it didn’t go well with the class. The original ending was at approximately 01:43 in the artefact, and was extended by about 11 more seconds. The new ending featured a violently edited serial killer staring into the lens showing off the victim’s bloody head before showing ‘end of tape’ and powering down – it was now evidence tape from start to finish. However with this ending the artefact felt much more complete as opposed to the sudden stop of the original.


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