“Simulation” FMP Mock Character Analysis


Character Analysis




Dave is a naturally timid and unambitious man, yet he is also very intelligent and friendly. He can be considered good looking but is in a lower league to Michael. He and Grace are completely compatible in terms humour and interests. The environment he has grown up in is a ‘Dystopian’ version of society that has a lack of morals and intelligence, superficial and ugly.

Everyone but Grace is despicable and unattractive in his eyes, either because it’s all in his mind and has a warped sense of love, or his environment is just so bad.

Dave will be cloned into 3 different people, a homeless man, a house husband and a business man.

When he is homeless, he is a heavy drinker, mostly either due to his boredom or depression. Once he meets Grace, he decides to stop drinking and becomes much happier about life. Even a random attack from an abusive male on the streets is not enough to ruin his mood. He now finds a reason to do better, as well as even finding himself a job interview.

He also is a house husband, who has finally got hold of his dream girl. However he still show signs of shyness which restricts him from going out and finding work. He is happy to do all the house work for his wife but most of the time he is playing video games. He even tells his wife that he wishes that she did not have to work, so they can stay together all the time. He has dreams of starting a family with his wife, but she is not certain that it would be the best plan until he gets a job.

Whilst a business man, he is far happier as he is ambitious and earning his own money. He begins an intimate relationship with Grace and this is where they are most comfortable with each other. They get along perfectly like they always did, but this time he is not lacking in any aspect of life. Though he is now well educated and a hard worker, he is still a nervous character, which will go on to be that aspect of his personality that is seen as undesirable in that line of work.




Grace is a beautiful, smart and ambitious woman but is also self-conscious in terms of social norms. She and Dave are perfect for each other, however like some beautiful women; she was originally pressured into finding a spouse who is wealthy, confident and attractive. She does deep down want Dave, but certain factors make her unsure about him.

In each story, she is always friendly and will always care about Dave. In the first story, she is a social worker who helps the homeless and she is from a more working class background. The second story she is the main character’s wife and is the provider, who begins to grow tired of Dave’s attitude and wrongfully begins to fall for the neighbour, a single father who is also a fireman. In the last story, she finally falls for Dave for real, but still likes to flirt with the third party.

Grace is a decent woman, but she is also young and quite immature but does not ever mean to hurt Dave, the fact that he becomes enraged at her is a problem that lies with him, and possibly the third party.


The Third Party


The third party is Dave’s natural rival and opposite. He is good looking, muscular and confident but is also extremely obnoxious and arrogant. He also loves Grace and always manages to win Grace’s affection despite both not deserving her and not appreciating her once she is there. He is the typical bad boy and is Grace’s vanity crush.

In the first story he is a violent thug who just happens to have a car. He is a muscular alpha male who likes a drink and a fight, making him seem like Hercules in the eyes of a working class woman. The second story he is actually a decent person, a father and a fireman, perfect husband material. In reality he is just as arrogant as ever and has designs on Grace, showing very little respect for house husband Dave. The final story, he still has not changed and is now the boss of the company that Dave and Grace work for. This time his fancy looks, dancing skills and confidence is not quite enough compared to Dave, as he is now happy, has a good job and is compatible with Grace in terms of personality and interests.

I don’t want to show the third party’s good side as I do not know how typical cock-sure player can chat up women in clubs. It is annoying how they can talk about uninteresting nonsense and still benefit from it. Also because this film is from the viewpoint of the main character, who can only sit around and watch as his love interest becomes misty-eyed over this man’s gibberish.


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