“Simulation” FMP Pitch Presentation


After a psychopath escapes justice by committing suicide, he and his victims are cloned and unknowingly put through multiple tests to determine if the killer inherits similar traits to the original.

Hello, my name is George Leon and the purpose of this video is to pitch my film idea: Simulation.

My main role will be that of a Director and I will also co-produce and co-edit with Robert Morley.

The film is Drama/Sci-Fi/Thriller in genre and set in the very proximate future. It is between 30 minutes and 1 hour. I believe this duration is required in order to tell such a complex story that is designed to enthral and captivate the audience.

Its unique selling point: A science fiction clone film that explores various contemporary social issues. We will argue that it is different to everything that has already been explored with regards to cloning.

Its intended audience:  above 18 (due to adult themes), appealing equally to fans of drama and science fiction.




The film will be visually presented through 3 separate stories about a homeless man, a house husband and a business man and express how obstacles within these contrasting lifestyles prevent him from happiness with the woman of his dreams, as well as put him into competition with a third party. The audience will learn that these 3 people are clones put through a simulation to determine whether the replica can replicate the violent traits of the original. Amongst this we will cover the background of ‘the company’ behind the clones and establish its superiority and intervention within the film.

The backgrounds of the stories vary to demonstrate how the clones of the serial killer perform in different walks of life. The homeless man lacks wealth, the house husband lacks ambition and the businessman does not lack anything but certain things happen to him that will make him just as unable to be happy as the previous two.

Main themes include jealousy, attraction, obsession, lust, self-worth, women’s advancement and men’s demotion, pressure of achieving dreams, crimes of passion, shallowness, sexual selection, wealth, and the difficulties of a naturally timid man trying to make it in a cruel world. Presenting life’s influences through different stories shows how the above factors can drive certain people to behave in certain ways. The Sci-Fi element is used as a tool to allow these scenarios and clones to happen.




Simulation features a variety of social and sci-fi contexts that it questions beneath the concept.

Science Fiction contexts include: Will a clone inherit similar traits to the original when put into a similar situation? Is it morally right to clone people for the purpose of experimentation? If a person is cloned and implanted with memories, will his original genetic code still influence his actions? Does cloning erase the dark side of a person’s mind or are they free to develop their own personalities based on this ‘fresh start’? Will biological memories conflict with implanted memories? Is it morally right to experiment and eventually destroy clones even though they have killed?

Social contexts include: Is Misogyny nature or is it influenced by experiences? Is sex and attraction the most important thing in the world? If so, can this dream be achieved by an unlikely individual even with obstacles? Does one need ambition and wealth to survive and live a happy life? What makes a man? Can a homeless man still get his dream date, even if he tries to do better? Can an unambitious and lazy house husband maintain his dream girl even with competition and his wife’s stresses? Can a business man who has already got ambition, wealth and the girl, be able to handle the emasculating experiences and failure?

As I director I looked at almost every mainstream clone film and created something different in story yet similar in influence.

Films that involve the themes of cloning: The Island (clones are used for organ harvesting), The 6th Day (explores the outcome of society if cloning was an integral part), Bladerunner (androids who are created purposely for labour are expendable human-like clones with a rebellious nature), Moon (cloning for the purpose of cheap labour), Replica (cloning a serial killer to find the killer himself), The Stepford Wives (creating robot copies of wives for the perfect spouse) and Total Recall (conflict of implanted memories with real ones).

In Simulation: Our characters are cloned for the purpose of experimentation.

The organisation in our film is inspired by those in films such as: Resident Evil (omnipotent Umbrella Corp), The Cabin in the Woods (monitoring, full control and intervention), The Matrix (Immense control of humans), Truman Show (controlling what happens in his life).

In Simulation: ‘The Company’ is a wealthy yet mysterious organisation that conducts various social experiments to no limit.

Our main character is inspired by the serial killers/violent characters as see in: Se7en (killer had a hatred for the world), I Saw the Devil (hatred for women), Silence of the Lambs (Buffalo Bill was psychologically insane) and Rec, A Serbian Film and Martyrs (all for their portrayal of ultra-violence).

In Simulation: A serial killer with a personality disorder, lacks confidence in himself and has violent traits. His upbringing has severely corrupted his mind and always finds himself to be the centre of hatred. 

Each simulation is based similarly (almost an opposite perspective) to films that portray various social issues such as: The Inbetweeners (based on losers who attempt to get girls but fail), Leaving Las Vegas (giving up on life/self-destruction), Loser (eventually getting the girl at the end), Stepford Wives (fantasy of having a perfect wife with no self-awareness), Cleanskin (jealousy and hate), The Bow (jealousy), Never Let Me Go (woman falls in love but is rejected).

In Simulation: Our stories can be briefly looked at in the treatment.

As a director I also looked at these films in terms of the tone and look they portray, for example, the sinister cinematography and colour-grading of ‘I Saw The Devil’ – deep colours, crushed blacks, nothing pretty yet artistic. The use of music and setting to achieve the overall tone like in Se7en – felt like a constantly raining dystopian city with a mysterious and seedy tone.  Furthermore, the overall feel in Leaving Las Vegas, how the combination of editing and composition takes all of the glitz and glamour of such a grand city.

In Simulation: See test shots.

We looked at films that include multiple storylines and narratives such as Pulp Fiction, Cloud Atlas, Run Lola Run so that we can structure our final edit appropriately and so that it comes together without disorientating the audience.




We plan to submit to various festivals, maybe Vimeo (hope for a staff pick) and Local art centres such as the Warwickshire Art Centre, Birmingham Electric Cinema for degree show.

We noticed a lack of decent independent British Sci-Fi films so our film has potential internationally as well as domestically. Potential film festivals that we can submit our film to include:

The International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival – http://www.horrorscifi.com/info/ (60+ for feature, shorts less than 60 minutes)

Sci-Fi London Film Festival – http://www.sci-fi-london.com/submission (minimum 61 minutes for feature, 15mins max for short)

FANTASTIC PLANET: Sydney International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival (Shorts less than 45, anything higher is feature) http://www.fantasticplanetfilmfestival.com/submission.htm

The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival – http://thephilipkdickfilmfestival.com/index.html

Boston Sci-Fi Film festival – http://www.bostonsci-fi.com/node/11

Toronto After Dark Film Festival – http://torontoafterdark.com/2012/

Baltimore 46 Film Festival (Science Fiction Society) – http://www.bsfs.org/bsfsfilmfest.htm (accepting films under 52minutes run time)

Each of these festivals have submissions for feature length (over a certain time) and short length films (below a certain time).


Budget + Skills audit


Instead on shooting abroad, we are filming domestically with the main focus on story, characters and equipment.

Canon 5D Mark III with 25-105mm camera lens – £2500

As a director I am going the extra step to obtain the Mark 3 iteration because it performs much better than its predecessor in low-light conditions. Certain shots in this film will be shot in darker conditions, and at higher ISOs the Mark 3 is far superior.

Memory card(s) – £50, Camera Bag – £50, DSLR Microphone – £130, DSLR kit to be borrowed from Uni (£500). Production costs £2000 minimum covering locations, props, casting, catering and effects.

I pioneered the basic concept involving the cloning aspect and the 3 different stories acting as simulations. Rob developed the idea based on his experience, research and added enough depth to make the film desirable to make. We can only do this film whilst working together.

We have worked as a duo in all of our past projects and our partnership will make this film possible. By having a specific role, me directing and Rob writing enables us to work together and trust each other toward the completion of our joint vision.

I am very passionate about the idea coming to life and feel that I am more confident enough to direct the film. Past experience with a digital film and video HND has given me enough experience to take on this role.

We think the idea is original. Sure, films about clones and cloning have been done, but none have taken this particular route.


Plan/schedule of work


Pre-production – Janurary/February 2013.

Production – March/April 2013.

Post-production – April 2013.




I believe that Sci-Fi is the most thought provoking genre and with this film I intend to mindfuck the audience with a variety of intertwining scenarios and concepts. Unique concepts fascinate and intrigue me, hence this idea of clones and their simulations.

Our project is viable because even though the film as a whole is very complex, each story is linked to each other and when taken apart in the script, it is in fact simple and achievable.

Passion is what drives us forward and seeing such a concept being put into reality makes us very excited.


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