APT Tutorial Feedback

Matthew Hawkins was my APT tutor and I was able to see him twice for personal feedback on my 3rd year. As I was a top-up student from Warwickshire College (2 years at college and final year at university) it was crucial for me to get as much feedback as possible; the transition was a strange one as I was going from a casual environment to a more chaotic university structure. The first session was discussing my stance with the course and how I was doing in the 360MC module. I had gotten a 1st and I was very happy with the result because it allowed to push my creativity whilst under a very tight deadline of 2 weeks, as well as the amount of work that was required to submit for it. He was happy to hear of my progress and urged that I keep this level of dedication for future modules. I expresed my unhappiness with the 305MC module – it was unrelated to my area of interest and had been a rather pointless module in the way it was taught – feeling like it was an uncreative version of 360MC, instead of making an artefact to explore a theory I was writing a long essay. I passed the module with a good mark and put it behind me, I just hope my own feedback was passed onto the relevant people.

The second tutorial was about my FMP proposal. I knew I wanted to create a 15minute short film but I was struggling to develop upon my original idea. Matthew was able to suggest films for my viewing (Stepford Wives – new and original) which gave me more insight into further development. He suggested that the story of a homelessman was very clichĂ© and student-like – one that I would eventually cut in the future (based on his feedback too). Furthermore the story of the househusband was interesting but one that was possibly not suited for him due to its limitations; whereas the office worker story had the highest potential and most interesting series of events. This FMP feedback was very important to me as I wanted the very best for my last project at uni – it allowed me to think outside my own little world as a student; and be as professional as I could.


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