“End of Nights” Press Release


End of Nights – Film Poster


Ted is a neglected and tormented individual who lacks confidence when it comes to social situations. After a meeting with his psychiatrist, he is told that he needs to go out and start meeting new people, as well as establish an intimate relationship with Grace, his co-worker. However, obstacles start to elude him from her, as he begins to experience the harshness of contemporary society in England.

The film is influenced by the likes of Se7en, for its tone and portrayal of a really deprived society and a man’s will to show it to people; Irreversible, for being so incredibly violent and cruel to the point of being unwatchable; and Falling Down, for a man’s descent into complete insanity. It is also the product of a person who has lived in a city, that, unknown to many, is close to being a real life dystopia of decadence – giving the writer enough experience to write a story that has the power to bring this to light.

The majority of the film will unravel in a nightclub, as most can be seen as a vision of hell, especially with the chosen venue having a fully customisable lighting system. Principal shooting will commence on the 19th and 20th of March around Coventry, UK, with post-production to be completed in mid-April. It has already been rumoured to be the most controversial student film in recent years.

The Actors

Darryl Ryan Marc Hughes (Ted) is a Theatre and Professional Practice graduate and received a first class grade from Coventry University. He is personally known by Producer Rob Morley and is said to be very good to work with. Although he has no acting experience, he has the right characteristics for the role. He appears to be shy but polite, exactly what Ted is.

Laura Wilson (Grace) is a Manchester-based actress who has experience in numerous paid speaking and acting roles, as well as modelling and dancing experience. She has a gorgeous smile, a reason for Ted to develop an interest in, as it takes him away from the harsh realities of his environment.

Kyle Simpson (Levis) is a Birmingham-based actor who has had numerous paid speaking roles in films. He is a musician and singer, going by the name of Euro Dollaz. He has also recently become a Writer and Director, receiving funding for and creating a film called ‘Rolling Steel’, a film about the production and distribution of guns in Britain.

The Director

George Leon has a HND degree from Warwickshire College and is smoothly on his way to a future first class degree from Coventry University. He is prepared to craft the film in an exceedingly dark manner, with a drive to create an unsettling and thought-provoking masterpiece.  He has worked very closely with the writer in the past and always understands his vision of the final piece, allowing him to direct in a way that puts two minds into one. He believes that only the most disturbing subjects are worthy of film – something that consists purely of challenge in order to portray correctly.


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