Kraken Film – Fearless & Dedicated

One of the most important things as a media producer is to have your own unique showreel. But a crucial part that many people overlook is the process of getting a showeel to a high level producer – one needs to host their portfolio (either linking to Vimeo or YouTube but embedded) onto their website, not free looking, but a domain dedicated to their production company or name. This is where comes in. I created this website as a joint production company with me and my partner Rob Morley to showcase our work.

Web-design is something I learnt in my pass-time – I can create websites to a professional standard ( but I would not like this as a career choice, I do it simply for fun. It has, however, enabled me to make a presentable website for our filmmaking company.

We label ourselves as fearless and dedicated – we are not afraid of creating controversial content and we will do whatever it takes to shoot it. We failed at getting our nightclub scenes done at ClubM because of a lack of extras but the week after we completed it with a whole room-full of nightclub extras at The Dog.

This website features a link to our showreels, selling ourselves to potential employers – but it is the link to that which is most important which can be printed on business cards, linked around on social networking websites, or used in emails to professionals. Once a person clicks the link they are taken to a page on the site which shoes our best work. Consequently the site keeps the person there giving them a reason to explore further and check out our latest projects, other work, about us as producers and our blogs. A nice-looking website is something EVERY single media person should have, but not many do. This gives me that little step up from everyone else, a reason I could be chosen over another candidate.


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