Professional Industry Contacts & Networks

A variety of networks exist to allow me to kickstart my professional career in the film editing industry. Below is an example of some online networks that allow me to do so.One sets up their profile with their showreel and contact details and then either searches and applies for available paid jobs whilst also waiting to be contacted by professionals.

I have now created a profile on StarNow and ShootingPeople advertising myself as a professional editor and colourist with a link to my latest short film and showreel. Hopefully I can get some projects to kick-start my career; I will choose to do free ones as long as I believe that they are worth spending my time on.

Industry Contacts

Gasper Noe – Director
Stuart Manashil (Talent Agent)

Dawn Coulson – Producer/Script Editor for BBC

Daniel Beckett – Director/Writer

Ben Wheatley – Director
Philip d’Amecourt (Talent Agent) Phone: 1 310 248 2000

Ian Killick
HND Digital Film and Video Lecturer – Warwickshire College (Leamington Spa)

Dylan Cozens – Media Professional

Julian Gilbey – Director – Eigerwand Pictures
Phone: 020 7317 4885 –


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