1 week before shooting – Panic Panic Panic – The era of Mark IV

The biggest and most drastic change to the script came 1 week before the actual shoot. Our DoP who we had arranged from ShootingPeople dropped out because he said he could not refuse a paid job. This worried us greatly, but it made us come to a realisation, a realisation that I believe saved the film. Why not cut everything that we had not secured (all the office space scenes + misc) – consequently cutting shooting days and making everything far more cheaper. We were very fond of the nightclub scenes so why not make the majority of the film unravel in the club, with a short series of events that would lead to it. We agreed that we would cleverly reveal the background of the main character (Ted) in the first scene, which would also set the premise of the story, and the other two main characters (Grace & Levis) would be revealed in Scene 2. Our reasoning behind this is to reveal the characters as quickly as possible and then lead the audience to the nightclub to see the drama unfold. The nightclub was our baby; we made it the heart of the film with everything else leading up to it. We’ve always wanted to do it since the start so here was our chance. We set out the whole script onto post-stick notes and came to the best possible sequence of events, and after doing that we could easily modify the dialogue to incorporate the slightly adjusted and finalised story. Upon contemplation with the direction of the script, we removed all aspects of the violent end and instead replaced it with a more dark and sinister ending which was far more fitting for the story as a whole.

1 week before shooting I was happy to find out that the main crew were eager and dedicated so I booked a hotel for 2 nights for Levis (he was coming from London), Grace (Manchester), and the Makeup Artist (London) – I was serious and hoped that they were too.


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