Actor/Extra agreement forms

Due to some controversial elements of the film I was very confident and prepared in making ALL actors and important extras sign off a release form for the project. After doing some research I found a ‘mock’ actor release form off ShootingPeople and modified it for the purpose of fitting this film and production. I simply did not want any problems in the future that may arise due to how the film portrays (or if they disagree with how it portrays) the artists in the final edit.

“The Artist gives all consents required under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 or any re-enactment consolidation or amendment thereof in order that the Producer may make full use of the Artist’s services and any other moral rights to which the Artist may be entitled under any existing or future legislation.”

This part of the agreement ensures that I will be protected from any lawsuits should I have to face them. It’s better to be prepared than sorry in a court of law. I allowed these contracts to be signed upon completion of the film but I should have forwarded them BEFOREHAND as well; this would have minimised the chances of the actors dropping out. I blame my learning curve, but this experience was incredibly important in my development as a professional media producer.


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