Arranging a crew

For crew members we chose to use ShootingPeople (even with its small monthly subscription fee). It was recommended by our media production year group but we were to find it’s very misleading. Main ads were put up for a Cinematographer, Sound Recordist and Makeup; all expenses paid but the jobs themselves unpaid. Eventually we had two applicants willing to fill the role of cinematography, multiple for sound, and one for makeup. I chose a cinematographer (Sam) based on his work – I really liked his style, he had a Red Scarlet in his kit list and he too had a fondness for Irreversible (one of our film influences). He really kept us motivated during the weeks leading to the shooting date. We provided him with recces, draft schedules, and the latest updates. He was a really cool guy but very demanding. At one point he asked for a crazy amount of lighting kit, which even our university didn’t have and multiple red volt packs for the red. How the hell were we going to get these in Coventry? Honestly we had no idea what to do about that little issue. That would all pass because he was going to screw us over 1 week before the shoot anyway.


Adding our film onto ShootingPeople so potenial crew could get some little info before they get involved


Creating a crew ad for our film on ShootingPeople

Sound recordists were a pain. They wanted so much money for their equipment rent fees – £150 a day and more plus their expenses. I asked one of them for a cheaper kit and she agreed but then we found out that she was unavailable on the date. Another recordist kept messing us about saying yes he could make it, then he couldn’t, then he had to wait and see if he could.. then he completely forgot about us. Finally he said he couldn’t. So I used ShootingPeople once again to find another recordist, I managed to with a good price. Then all the way up to 2 days before the shoot when he left us dead in the water because a paid job had come up. If you wanted a sound recordist from ShootingPeople there was no way you could avoid their rent fees.



Evidence of all the applications we recieved and processed for our film

A makeup artist applied to be part of the film (we needed one for cuts/bruises lesions and nightclub sweat for authenticity). She was genuine and stayed in contact with us through the pre-production all the way to the production. It was important to keep in contact with all crew members and the actors we had confirmed. Always telling them we were working hard on the script and producing the film and constantly good news that we were getting our locations. Keeping everyone in the know was a very good thing.

I tried to get a producer from their too (as you can see on the screenshot) but it’s obvious that none of them would be interested in producing a student film, and we all know that students are not to be trusted.

So, 1 week before shoot and no DoP & lighting team, 2 days before the shoot no sound recording. Fantastic.


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