Arranging Extras

Since we began producing the film at the Mark III iteration we still needed extra actors for (still applied for IV): Councillor, Victim, Alpha Male, Jasmine, Supervisor, Abused Woman, Gay Man, Toilet Girl, Toilet Men, Bouncers, Jolly Fat Man, Gang Members and all of the nightclub extras. We posted up ads for these extras on StarNow and managed to secure the Bouncer #1, Councillor, Victim, Alpha Male, Gay Man (this actor would double up as the Jolly Fat Man because only his body would be required for that shot) and Toilet Girl. These casting choices were not random, but based on the applicants looks – we wanted specific looking people to fill their parts. Bouncer #1 (Roger) also happened to be in the doorman business so we were able to consult him for ideas and choices that made the film authentic. The actor playing Ted forwarded us to Bouncer #2 and we managed to use our university’s theatre student page to secure a Supervisor. We had a great deal of trouble finding someone to play the role of ‘Jasmine’ because her character was meant to be unattractive and overweight… so in the end we had confirmed everyone but the actor to play Jasmine. 1 week before the shoot myself and my fellow producer went crazy with the messaging and messaged everyone on StarNow and Facebook confirming things again. We were unable to get Jasmine and the Supervisor was the only extra that backed out at the last minute – we had to rely on the below to use someone to fill these two roles.

For the nightclub extras to simply fill the club space we decided to make a Facebook event page describing the location and the time..3pm on a Tuesday. We thought that 3 drink tokens per person (we had purchased 120, enough for 40 people) would be enough motivation and incentive for people to come. And how incredibly wrong we were. We should not have relied on this page AT ALL but we were so overworked with locations, extras, actors, hotels, crew and script we didn’t realise the massive black hole we were walking into.


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