Health & Safety

Due to the amount of cast and crew members we had on set (40+ during ClubM and The Dog shoots) health and safety was of paramount importance. After performing a risk assessment form I established 3 main issues;

The biggest issue we had was the plethora of cables lying around from the lighting equipment and Red camera. To minimise any risk I delegated the task of warning everyone about cables to the runner – who would welcome people to the set and inform them about watching their step especially where the lighting equipment and camera was being held. As a pre-caution, myself along with the DoP, lighting tech and 1st AD would do the same.

Secondary issue consisted of alcohol on set. One free alcoholic beverage was provided to each cast member so that it would not only give them incentive to be part of the film but make the nightclub scenes look as legitimate as possible. Originally I had planned to give 3 free drinks of any kind, but dropped this number to 1 in order to minimise any inappropriate behaviour that might occur. If anyone wanted a drink after, they were provided a non-alcoholic one.

Final issue was the lowlight conditions of the club once we were shooting. To minimise any risk of harm and injury me and the 1st AD carefully positioned extras on the dance floor with careful instructions on how to and where to move until they heard ‘cut’. They were also told on what places they should avoid going to minimise any contact with filming equipment.

We worked very closely with the assistant manager of ClubM at the time as well as the events manager at The Dog to help us ensure the highest quality of health & safety. The staff members at both locations were also friendly and made sure to inform any extras and lay personnel that filming is in progress.

At SQ Bar the only issue we had was avoiding any contact with the items stored in the storage room we were shooting in. This was not difficult as it was a carefully planned filming environment with a very small amount of actors (2) and crew (5). During the outdoor filming the only thing we avoided was cables yet again, however it was thanks to the light conditions outside that made this far easier to control and be aware of.

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