Production – 16th April 2013 – SQ Bar, Coventry

After a long, well-deserved break, it’s almost a wrap. Failure is now non-existent. Just that last stretch before the final reward.

Our budget had run so low that we could not afford a RED nor professional audio recording anymore. So the most I could do now is use the university loan shop, like every other student. So we settled for a 5D and a H4N (with boom) audio recorder for this final scene. This was all planned because we knew that we would not have enough time at The Dog to do Scene 9. You’d think that everything is going to go well but no, that wasn’t the case. The actor who played Bouncer #2 (who turned up every time in the past) did not turn up at all. His reasoning was that he overslept but my reasoning is because I failed to pay him in the past (he did have to leave early when we were shooting at The Dog) he simply could not be bothered another day, which was really a shame because I was prepared to give him a nice bonus thanks to his dedication. But no, someone always has to mess you up – and it’s never accidental and there is always a reason or ideology behind it. Even though this was this particular bouncer’s big part of the film we had to perform a drastic on set re-write. The 1st AD agreed to act as Bouncer #2 and his continued actions from the previous scene, e.g. he’d throw Ted into the room. We carefully captured this shot from an angle that did not reveal the 1st ADs face, so based on the suit he was wearing the audience would assume the bouncer is still the same bouncer. Bouncer #1 then rushes in and steals the stage with his performance from a variety of different angles to take the audience’s mind off the original actor. The whole security camera-style shot also aids in explaining why the Bouncer #2 did not want to show his face. Funnily enough not everything is random, everything is done for a specific purpose to tell the story and fix these kinds of problems that occur on the day. It is all thanks to quick thinking and smart minds – I am very thankful to have met some really cool people who actually care about the production and are not there for just the money. And finally, it was a wrap.


I hope people read these set of blogs and see WHERE I went WRONG and hopefully not repeat my mistakes. Yes, I was dedicated and fought to the last stand but it could have been easier if I organised this slightly better in pre-production. These 4 days of production have given me more experience and knowledge than 3 years of University combined. It is also a lot about money, but more so the careful organising that goes with it. The production was filled with flaws, errors and many issues, but because of so much hard work and pure talent, an amazing film still surfaces. Without failure you can truly never succeed.

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