Monthly Archives: March 2015

BAMF Records is an up-and-coming record label based in the historical town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Owned and directed by Siddney Youngblood it deals in the freshest House, Pop and Chart music. The label is also proud to feature Sticky Icky – a musical collective from the heart of England – supporting many talented artists, something along the lines of Massive Attack. The group’s producers handpick talented singers and musicians to perform on tracks they then create to suit their artists’ individual sounds.

The official releases can be found on the BAMF Records Ltd YouTube channel: and the Facebook page holds a little description of each piece:

Being involved in the whole creative filmmaking process from pre-production (original concept idea, storyboards, shot lists, sourcing actors/locations), production (cinematography, directing, camerawork, Canon 5D Mark II/III) and post-production (editing, colour grading, release) gave me an invaluable amount of experience. Assisting in the label’s day to day operations allowed me to to learn a great deal about the music industry and the label’s management. I also helped run the social media pages and performed marketing of the label’s tracks and videos, proof reading all documents including contracts and all communications, as well as vocal recording and meeting and working with a variety of talented music producers and actors.

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