At some point in their lives everyone has rubbernecked – it is simple human nature to see what happened. It’s not normal to look at human suffering but a lot of people do. Since it is socially acceptable to become famous by being on a reality TV show (either by being a husband/wife/mum or performing something dumb) why can’t the rise to fame extend to gore sites and snuff films for psychopaths or even sociopaths – unfortunately this is what these type of people believe, and they would want to do anything to get money or fame for it as time has shown.

I wanted to make my artefact a ‘snuff’ style film because it was I wanted to play around with effects and reality. What would people’s reaction be?

John Wayne Gacy, Jr was an American serial killer who murdered around 33 teenage boys and men between 1972 and 1978. He was labelled as the ‘Killer Clown” due to his charitable services at fundraising events, parades and children’s parties where he would dress as “Pogo the Clown”, a character he created himself.

My serial killer has to be a spectacle of some kind, whether in his actions or his appearance. The latter is easier to do because I am not planning to go into a great deal of special effects to make sadistic rituals or satanic executions look real.  I would rather make the killer wear something special, something that will make him infamous – since my friend has a honey monster costume (a look-alike, not official) lying around which would make him stand out as “the cerial killer”. The honey monster was originally the mascot of sugar puffs hence the name cerial killer.

The whole thing would need to be shot in one whole take and edited to show the poor quality camerawork, constant skips and maybe even artefacts due to tape damage. The victim would be traditionally tied in a chair and probably taunted and executed shortly after. It will be part of an evidence tape (intro sequence stating the evidence tape message) to imply that it is somewhat real and maybe valuable to snuff film collectors.

False snuff films also exist, films that were genuinely mistaken for looking a bit too realistic: The Guinea Pig Films and Cannibal Holocaust.  The former was only mistaken because of the grainy and unsteady quality of the video as if it was recorded be amateurs – something that could influence my own snuff film (similar effects and colour). Funnily enough both parties of filmmakers had to prove that their films were not real.

After looking at Faces in the Crowd, and being a little disappointed by it, I decided to look at a short film (17 mins) called ‘In Vivid Detail’ (Bratt, 2007), it is a love story between a man suffering from the condition and a woman who tries to come to terms with his condition. It was full of stunning shots, the music score was beautiful, and the concept was simple and so effective. It didn’t require a crazy storyline such as in ‘Faces in the Crowd’ to be understood and was way more powerful in the sense that I felt amazed, and yet more dramatic without any over the top effects. It has no flaws in terms of accuracy and subtlety yet accurately demonstrates how the man copes with his condition, how he pays careful attention to objects. It also feels like it is more realistic and life-like and not over-exaggerated Hollywood.

The problem I am faced with creating a short film for my artefact is that I am limited to only 2-5mins; establishing anything with nice, artistically slow-paced shots would be difficult to conform to the time limit. The following idea is a script based on my research and ideas, which I think is accurate and without flaws. It’s a simple story based on the idea of someone taking advantage of a person suffering from the condition, which unfortunately is common place in society.

Intro: Define prosopagnosia, face blindness. It is better if the condition is defined at the start of the film, because I will not be able to strongly define it in the film itself, the audience will find out the character will suffer from it.

Scene 1: Guy #1 who suffers from Prosopagnosia is attacked and almost mugged by Guy #2 at a cash machine but manages to overpower his attacker. This scene establishes a victim, and the two characters, also showing that the victim is not so weak himself.

Scene 2: Guy #2 bumps into Guy #1 at a park and some friendly banter occurs; Guy #2 mentions them meeting at a bar not long ago, how they had a good time and they should meet up again. This scene shows that the victim suffers from prosopagnosia and does not recognise his face.

Scene 3: Later on, Guy #1 passes Guy #2 (exchange looks) but does not recognise him due to the condition. He is then promptly attacked and robbed by Guy #2 who takes his cash and expensive necklace. Again shows that he will not recognise his attacker.

Scene 4: Last scene: Guy #2 is making his way to a pawn shop and receives a distressed phone call from Guy #1 who tells him that he has been robbed and does not know what to do. Guy#2 consoles him (speaking with an accent implying that he is a different friend entirely) and insists that everything will be alright. He then enters the pawnshop.

End: Statistics about the disorder, credits.


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My power artefact is based on the power of being anonymous presented from the perspective of an internet troll. I believe that it is the anonymity that gives trolls the power to do what they do online; having their identities hidden grants them a greater amount of confidence to do so. Ideally I want to focus on one character (the troll) by showing the audience what he does and why whilst drawing upon inspiration from the media. Below is a potential shot list idea for the production of my artefact.  Since the artefact will be split into two screens each column will represent part of the screen.


Troll – the power of being anonymous over the internet


Real Life


Troll over the internet
Walking down the street, alone, head down with a complete and total lack of confidence


Troll sitting in front of the computer wearing a troll mask – camera pans towards the screen – screen with 4 windows open – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google +


He sees a couple walking down the street – troll instantly feels jealous and angry


He finds the couple online via Facebook and tells them that they look crap as a couple and should stop seeing each other, also tells the boyfriend that he cheated with his girlfriend


The troll’s only ‘friends’ rip him and make fun of him


The troll sets up a forum or group that aims to help bully victims but instead has the intention of making fun of them


At work, his employer shouts at him for ‘being useless’ and ‘less performing’ than any other worker


Troll photoshops his employer’s picture to make him look humorous with the intention of defaming him and uploads it
A group of people walk past the troll and intimidate him by shoving him off the road


The troll finds  a video on YouTube and posts a ‘death threat’ video response -> death_threat.mp4


The troll’s parents shout at him for being useless and that he should move out of the house


The troll mocks a tribute page of a recently deceased young person
The troll plays a game of football and gets tackled and destroyed throughout parts of the game


He sends a very offensive message to a footballer on Twitter saying that he sucks,  his football skills are terrible and that his family are not proud of him



My research demonstrated that trolls themselves had been affected by some kind of abuse or pressure in real life with little or no way of dealing with it. Similarly my character will be faced with light abuse and consequently troll online due to having a sense of power.